Change the individual and you change the world
--Steven Gullan
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Corporate Transformation

True corporate transformation is now a possibility

Gateway is the most powerful and lasting transformational catalyst and system available for any individual or organisation.

Gateway facilitates fundamental shifts within the existing culture through the profound personal transformation of the individual – naturally, spontaneously, and effortlessly.

Management and HR personal are invited to look at the possibility of a personal transformation which alters the persons fundamental outlook on life. A deep shift in values, principles and personal identity leaves the individual creatively capable, fully satisfied and highly inspired to embrace a “bigger picture” for themselves and their organisations.

Within the individual, independent personal gain matures to embrace an interdependent synergy which naturally results in a “whole” that is greater than the sum of all of it’s parts.

This transformation results in committed human beings, who are solution oriented, not problem fixated. People become passionate about themselves and what they do. Responsibility and accountability become personal priorities. Individuals become globally aware, thus positively contributing and supporting their colleagues and the larger framework within which they operate: the team, department and company.

Diversity issues, including gender and age, are resolved without negativity or pressure in a surprisingly simple and easy process.

Besides Gateway a range of other courses and trainings are available through Life Dynamics Trainings sister company LeoSol.

LeoSol is the dedicated corporate aspect of Life Dynamics Training, an independent company fully accountable for it’s growing success and expanding client base.

LeoSol’s focus is specifically aimed at bringing about real and lasting transformation within the corporate environment, fostering ongoing organisational development and facilitating change. For true “out the box” creativity with a dynamic and powerful change catalyst, look for LeoSol.

LeoSol has available to it the full spectrum of human technology, transformation technology, personal and organisational development skills, knowledge and expertise of Life Dynamics Training, including facilitators, materials and equipment.

All programs, training and development are delivered on three levels:

  1. Cognitive – Creates intellectual understanding of concepts, ideas as well as methods, tools and skills.
  2. Emotional – learnings are firmly emotionally anchored within the person. So as to be important in the life of the participant.
  3. Experiential – The most powerful and lasting learning is experiential. Where learning is embodied within the holistic organic system of the learner. For example burning oneself is a powerful and lasting learning on fire that all human beings undergo. This anchoring is done utilising leading edge human technology, systems and processes.

An overview of selected LeoSol services
For more details Contact Us.

Team Building
Destructive and shallow team building exercises result in attenuating the divides within a group.
LeoSol brings “team building” into the modern era with relevance, reliability and real results.

Click here for more information on Team Building

Affinity and Alignment TM
For any group or team of individuals to operate effectively and efficiently together certain very “human” characteristics have to be in place. When these characteristics are in place there is a natural tendency for positive human attributes to show up.
These include but are not limited to: trust, communication, mutual support, responsibility & accountability, synergy, creativity, integrity, respect, commitment and passion.

Click here for more information on Corporate Affinity and Alignment Programs

Transformative Personal Leadership
Today’s ever increasing demands place tremendous pressures on people to manage and lead their lives in ways that are truly fulfilling and satisfying.

The management of our time and energy, our real priorities and internal balance are always at risk and below it our personal integrity is constantly at stake.
Click here for more information on Successful Personal Leadership

Corporate Firewalking Experience
A highly specialised field of expertise allows for a truly radical learning and growth experience.
Walking over 5 m (15ft) of glowing red hot coals and leaping flames is an experience that can make a lasting impression.
The firewalk itself is the tip of the ice-burg in terms of the value of the full program.

Click here for more information on Corporate Firewalking Experience

Customised Outcomes and Solutions
We are able to implement changes and facilitate development and transformation within an organisation at various levels using the considerable base of knowledge, skills, experience and expertise we have in this arena. Our systems challenge destructive thinking patterns and negative belief systems.

We also provide organisations with the opportunity to look at ordinary things, as well as their perceived problems and challenges, in radically new and different ways. Through consultation unique solutions are tailored to your companies concerns.
Contact Us for more information on our Customised Outcomes and Solutions

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