Asked Questions

​Below you will find some questions that people have asked, along with the times and tuition fee for Gateway. Give us a call or drop us an email if you have any others.

Since 1988 Life Dynamics Training has been working in and with many forms, methods and techniques for self-discovery, self-empowerment, self-inquiry, self-awareness, and self-transcendence. Based on years of extensive investigation and application, a powerful and practical technique and methodology emerged. This was refined over and over in order to produce the unique system and technology which is available from Life Dynamics Training today.

Having roots in timeless philosophy – Questions that have been asked since the first human being could ask them: Who am I? How did I get here? Where am I going? Why am I here? What is important to me? What can I achieve with my life? To this is applied the most current knowledge and leading edge systems, processes and practices combined with a profound regard for the world we live in, the day-to-day lives of people, the results based universe, human relationships and communication.

These have been synergistically and seamlessly integrated to produce a powerful, workable modern technology for human beings to apply into their own unique and personal experience of life.

No, the technology, method and style of application cannot be found elsewhere. No person/s or organisation has researched and combined their findings to produce such a powerful and workable tool.

Life Dynamics Training does not claim to have originated this work, however in it’s current form we have put it into a system of a kind. As such some processes utilized by Life Dynamics Training may be employed by other organisations. However Life Dynamics Training remains at the very leading edge of personal transformation, development and consciousness.

As the name states: dynamic – growing, shifting, adjusting always in order to produce the most vital, most profound and most lasting results for participants.

Life Dynamics Training courses and workshop are not religious – although people of many faiths have found them to enhance their own convictions. Life Dynamics Training provides powerful and effective forms of human technology – in a safe and healing environment from a non-religious, non-sectarian point of view.

Life Dynamics Training does not promote or further any particular spiritual ideology, we do however recognise and acknowledge a spiritual nature and aspect of our experience of being human.

Life Dynamics Training is not psychology or psychiatry. The workshops are not aimed at treating any person/s, nor are they any kind of “therapy”. Life Dynamics Training does not want to fix you or change you – It simply supports you to get to where you would like to go.

Workshops are not aimed at coping or managing skills, rather people tend towards transcending, transmuting and transforming. Life Dynamics Training does not have any preconceived ideas of how you should or should not be. What you should do or how you should do things – what we do have is a technology whereby you may access greater vitality, personal power and freedom in all the areas of your life.


  • The foundation for much of the work done by Life Dynamics Training is the Gateway workshop.
  • This can be considered as Basic Course 1.
  • Thereafter participants are legible to attend Advanced Course 2 which is named Genesis.
  • Thereafter participants are legible to attend Advanced Course 3 which is named The Revelations.
  • Reference to biblical names is not to be construed as religious, only as meaningful.
  • GATEWAY for Children (8-12 years old), and GATEWAY for Teens (13 to 16 years old) are also offered. These courses are only available to children of parents who have completed Gateway as the tools, skills and methods utilised are for practical use in the home, family and school environment – it is therefore necessary for parents to be able to support their children with these new skills.

Other Courses

  • Bridges not Walls –
    • a course on advanced communication skills methods and techniques.
    • Become an effective communicator in both business and personal relationships.
    • This course is also available specifically for companies.
  • Relationship, Love, Intimacy and Freedom –
    • Shift how you hold your relationships, your partners and yourself.
    • Step beyond what you can strategise or figure out and discover a dimension where relationships can become an occasion for creativity, vitality, intimacy, and self-expression.
    • Minimum requirement: Attendance of Gateway.
  • Parenthood and Joyous Child Rearing –
    • A powerful inquiry into parenthood, children, childrearing, family life and the multi-faceted relationships that spring from this domain.
    • Shift your own and your children’s worlds by exploring and redefining your roles and responsibilities.
    • Create new empowering freedoms for yourself and your loved one’s.
  • Getting Real –
    • An exploration of and challenge to today’s way-of-being, where individual integrity is continuously at stake.
    • Learn powerful guidelines for being and staying “real, unique and open to surprise” as an alternative to merely being right.
    • Discover the freedom that comes from relating more and controlling less.
    • Learn how to say what you feel without losing your friends, partner or your job.
    • Stop worrying about how others might react to your honesty.
    • Let go of shoulds and discover your authentic voice.
  • New courses are continually being offered for more info visit the Graduate Center.


Talks are on a wide range of topics. Each lecture stands alone, in so much as giving practical tools for people to apply immediately and relevantly into their lives.

Some examples of topics are: Getting Through, Exploring Love, Heroism and Integrity, The Pleasure/Pain Principle, Successful Living, Breakdowns into Breakthroughs, A Philosophical Approach to Life.

Corporate Clients and Corporate Services

Life Dynamics Training offers a range of specialised services to the corporate market. Real, powerful and lasting change is now a possibility within your organisation.

Gateway is delivered consecutively over a Thursday and Friday evening, a full day Saturday and a full day Sunday, and the following Tuesday evening. Gateway takes place outside of work hours in the evenings and over a weekend to cater for people who have jobs, children, study or lead an active life.

Starting times are:

Thursday evening
6:00 p.m.

Friday evening
5:00 p.m.

9:30 a.m.

9:00 a.m.

Following Tuesday evening
6:30 p.m.

  • Overall an extremely short period of time to effect the powerful, profound and lasting shifts that will take place for you and in your life!


The cost for Gateway is R4500.
50% deposit is required upon registration and the balance is due prior to commencement of the workshop.