The Firewalk Experience, that will change your life!

Firewalk Experience is highly specialised field of expertise allows for a truly amazing and radical learning and growth experience. Walking over 5 m (15 ft) of glowing red hot coals and leaping flames is an experience that will change the way you see your life. The firewalk itself is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the value of the programme.

Some Benefits:


Powerful metaphor for possibilities and for over-coming barriers during Firewalk Experience.

Create the impossible as possible and overcome your barriers. All learning must be practical, applicable, relevant, personally experienced and internalised.

Powerful metaphor for fear/s.

To confront fear. Fear in all its guises creates the limits that we surround ourselves with. It is the fundamental obstacle that we all have to overcome.

Succeed through accomplishment & achievement.

Each and every time a person accomplishes, achieves or succeeds they are empowered and vitalised, by their own ability and capacity to have caused things to happen in their world.

Powerful metaphor for change & transformation.

People resist change, and yet are faced with change everyday. In a dynamic and changing world, if you are not able to manage and shift with the times you will be left behind. Change and transformation begins within the individual.

Smash through old paradigms, indoctrination, limiting beliefs, domains and points of view.

The concept of shifting paradigms is not the experience of shifting paradigms. Firewalk Experience is. The same can be said of indoctrination, beliefs, domains, and points of view.

Powerfully bonding and co-operative experience.

Participants who go through the Firewalk together become bonded through this amazing and co-operative experience.

Practical insights into environmental support, leadership and teamwork.

Participants experience the value & necessity of support, leadership and teamwork in gaining their objective.


Will I get burned during Firewalk Experience?

Getting burned is not a part of the program. Steven Gullan is an expert in his field, of which firewalking is only one small, but fascinating area. He draws on 19 years of specialised knowledge to create the very precise circumstances where participants can walk safely. Given that you are not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs affecting the function of your nervous system, and given that you follow simple basic instructions, there is very little probability of you or anyone getting burned. The program is designed to inform you and to empower you – so that you know whether or not you can walk safely.

Will I have to walk?

We do not encourage anyone to walk if they do not want to. There is occasionally a (very small) percentage of people who prefer to decline the invitation to firewalk when the opportunity is offered. We also know that it is impossible to know whether you will walk or not until you are confronted with the glowing, incandescent coal bed. Fear has nothing to do with whether you will walk or not. It is possible to walk in perfect safety across the coals and yet be in raging terror. Fear is merely a resource; a means of alerting your body to the potential need for increased energy. You decision to walk switches on the demand for that energy.


You make it sound easy

That’s because actually it is. It’s simply that most people are unaware of the enormous power that they have. We know from our personal experience and from organising very many firewalks that the power is there. The talk before the firewalk merely helps you to switch that power on. It is a wonderful experience, and also a lot of fun. We also take several precautions to minimise risk which may not be apparent to you when you come to a firewalk, but which are real enough nevertheless.


Why would you?

  • So as to create the impossible as possible in your life. Imagine – if you can walk on fire – what else might be possible for you!
  • To know internally as a reality – not from some external speaker – that all limitations are self-imposed, and ultimately will prove illusory.
  • To give yourself concrete evidence of the amazing power that you have available, to learn to recognise and to access that power.
  • To confront fear. Fear in all its guises creates the limits that we surround ourselves with. It is the fundamental obstacle that we all have to overcome.
  • People who go through the firewalk experience together are powerfully bonded through this co-operative experience.
  • Best of all it’s a lot of Fun!

Why wouldn’t you

  • Fear of getting hurt in some way.
  • Personal belief system conflicts with such activities.
  • Scepticism, Criticism & Suspicion.
  • Denigrating of the concept, or the whole thing is silly.
  • Denigrating of further learning, or how I am is enough & learning is not important.
  • I don’t have the time.
  • I don’t need to.

Further Details & to arrange a Firewalk

We present firewalks for companies, clubs, charities, associations, and other groups. For a successful firewalk you will need a minimum of around 20 people.

For any inquiries please get in touch with us​

Dr Steven Gullan

tel: +27 82 330 3857


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