To provide systems whereby people may produce powerful, beneficial and lasting results - of a profound nature - relevant to their own lives, and in so doing elevate the lives of those around them – thereby making a difference in the world.
Dr Steven Gullan


Life Dynamics Training provides powerful and effective forms of human technology – in a safe and healing environment from a non-religious, non-sectarian point of view.

Offering workshops, courses and lectures covering a wide range of topics vital to the experience of life and of humanness. Relationships, communication, authenticity, human potential and development – products on the leading edge of transformation and consciousness. Methodology includes transformational process, experiential learning, ontological† inquiry, introspection and is coined as “human technology.” Technology that deals with core issues of being human.

All work is results orientated with meticulous regard to the day-to-day life of participants. Clientele come from all walks of life, income brackets and are of all ages and interests.

They seek to attain deeper meaning and higher purpose to life. To bridge the gap between who they are and who they would like to be. To make a meaningful and lasting difference in their own lives and in the lives of those around them. Life Dynamics Training has no preconceived ideas of how you should be or should not be, how you should behave or what you should get. What we do have is a method whereby a person may access greater vitality, personal power and freedom for themselves in the world.

Life Dynamics Training does not promote or further any particular spiritual ideology, we do however recognise and acknowledge a spiritual nature and aspect of our experience of being human. Each person’s journey is unique and gravitation toward different paths is inevitable. The philosophy of the company focuses on the inherent goodness and potential of human beings.

Our clients are those who are interested in the further evolution of what they have become.

Some areas covered on the course are:


  • People – in the private and public domains with which they are engaged – have the possibility of not only success, but also fulfilment, greatness and joy.
  • Human Beings seek to develop themselves and go to places they have not been before.
  • By making changes on the inside we effect powerful changes on our outside world, these changes impact on the quality of our day-to-day life, all our relationships and self-actualisation.
  • Human Beings create their own reality, therefore it is possible to create a different reality.
  • Human Beings are good – therefore there need be no fear in finding out who we are.
  • Human beings gain power through integrity, personal values and ethical conduct.
  • The Human Being is a potential that can never be reached.
  • Ontological† inquiry is a means of human development, and empowerment.
  • We do not claim to have the truth, only a workable position whereby one may access Truth.
  • Honour yourself – you are your greatest teacher and highest authority.
  • You do make a difference.
  • Knowledge is power.
  • Life is a journey of being and becoming
*Ontology –dealing with the nature of being.


Provide transformation workshops in a safe environment from a non-sectarian point of view.Provide programs wherein a person
  • Experiences their own power, natural capacity and inherent dignity.
  • Reclaims their self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem.
  • Transforms breakdowns and crisis in their daily life at that time of attending the program.
  • Moves from problems to solutions, from blame and guilt to responsibility and accountability.
  • Gains profound insights into their self, their way of being-in-the-world, and their various relationships with others – thus transforming their life from the inside out.
  • Commits to their life in a powerful, meaningful and lasting way.
  • Creates purpose for their life – people with purpose are powerful and vital.


Everyday we are presented with opportunities to either live a busines-as-usual life, or to create something beyond who we`ve been and what we know.

We know that every human being has potential far beyond what they’ve ever thought, but we need knowledge to put this to use. Because it is your life, this knowledge must come from within you.


There are probably few things we all take as seriously in our lives as parenthood. We want our relationship with our children to be warm, close and enjoyable. We also want a family environment that is supportive of the individual needs and growth of each family member, as our children grow, discover and learn how to be successful, happy and fully competent adults.

The Successful Parenting Programme was created to meet these desirable goals.

Includes everything from learning life’s lessons to managing bad behaviour.


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