​A powerful inquiry into parenthood, children, childrearing, family life and the multi-faceted relationships that spring from this domain.


There are probably few things we all take as seriously in our lives as parenthood. We want our relationship with our children to be warm, close and enjoyable. We also want a family environment that is supportive of the individual needs and growth of each family member.


The Successful Parenting Programme was created to meet these desirable goals.

• Learn a proven programme for raising responsible, self-disciplined children

• Learn to create a nurturing, warm, growth producing environment for you and everyone in your family

• Discover how to help your child develop self-confidence, self-esteem and a positive self- image

• Learn how to listen to – and understand – your child’s concerns

• Find out how to get cooperation without nagging or threatening

• Learn how you and your child can authentically deal with and communicate feelings – even difficult ones!

• Learn how to relate to and influence children. Be free of having to control them

• Learn how to help your child come up with an appropriate way to solve problems and/or deal with upsets

• Learn workable and practical alternatives to punishment

• Learn how to avoid being a permissive parent

• Discover dynamic behaviour management methods and guidance tools that really work

• Find out how to effectively handle negative behaviour

• Gain a massive boost in your confidence, abilities and skills as a parent

Real connection, real care, real results … with real love! Pro-active parenting at it’s most effective, meaningful and best.

“Includes everything from learning life’s lessons to managing bad behaviour”

Parenting may be the most challenging yet most important —and ultimately the most rewarding — work a person can do. But parenting know-how does not come automatically!

Taking control – How to take on the role of parent

• Who’s in charge?

• Parenting styles & methods

• Know your child/ren

• The parent as role model

• Influence vs. Control

• Being a family is part of parenting


Effective communication methods and skills

• How to talk so children will listen to you and listen so

children will talk to you

• The emotional vocabulary

• Avoiding labels & barriers

• Empathy & honesty

• How to have difficult conversations


Effective problem solving and conflict resolution skills

• Handling conflict effectively

• Who’s problem is it anyway.

• How children learn to solve problems

• Confronting children and teens


Developing real competency and skill requires education, training, and knowledge; this also applies to the field of parenting.

Character Building – How to raise pro-active, responsible, confident, emotionally intelligent children

• Consequence/learning feedback loop

• Learned dependency and self-reliance

• How children learn to make good choices

• Developing character = true education


Setting and maintaining rules, boundaries and agreements

• Rules create a safe environment

• How to set boundaries and clear expectations

• Positive parenting tools

• Issues not positions

• Creating a winning environment for children


Who Should Attend

Dr. Steven Gullan delivers skills and tools that provide real support and value to all parents. Methods are successful with children of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. 

Expectant parents and those considering having children in the future gain valuable confidence and knowledge through attending the Successful Parenting Programme. 

While the programme is specifically designed for parents; the skills and tools are valuable to all people interacting with children. As such the programme is of value to grandparents, siblings, extended family members, even teachers and other adults who work with children.


How long is the course?

The course takes one day. It begins at 9:00 AM and finishes at 4:30 PM. It consists of four sessions of 1 hour 30 minutes each with breaks in between. There is a lunch break around the middle of the day.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your own meal and snacks to eat during the lunch and other breaks. There may not be a shop or restaurant close enough for you to go out and purchase food on the day. We will be providing tea and coffee throughout the programme. You will be provided with stationary if you wish to make notes for yourself, along with some reference notes covering course material to take home with you. If you would like to bring your own special notebook to write in you are welcome, although this is not necessary.

How much does the course cost?

The fee for the first parent is R 2000. The fee for the second parent, or family member is R 1 000. The fee for any additional family members thereafter is R 650 per person. We accept most major credit cards, electronic transfers and, of course, cash. Contact us to inquire about our interest free debit order facilities.

How to register

Email or call to reserve your space on the next programme.
Telephone: Joni Norval: 083 292 5229
Dr. Steven Gullan can be contacted directly on 082 330 3857

It has been said, “Children don’t come with an owners manual.” Well if they did, it would certainly contain the kind of knowledge and expertise provided through Dr. Steven Gullan’s Successful Parenting Programme.


For any inquiries please get in touch with us​

Dr Steven Gullan

tel: +27 82 330 3857​​